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Where my breath comes from?
Where my plants grow up?
Where the air comes about?
Air the pro and by-pro actions and reactions.
When are effaced taken place?
Libration of kinds of earth in hinting of fire sources meets the cooling of water.



You really want it.
Likewise I,cut in,
Roll off. Is there ready
Really here ready made.
What visual was already
In spirit,in time it will real.
In a trip of wanderers
Very where is a cradle palace.
Here and there are golden site.
Where in spirit is verything
Look for visual loafs of breads
In spiritual oven is there.
Here and there watch and wish well.
At the bottom of a stone
Here and there, a vision
Focusing on the grain of sand,
Spirit of all that are visual.

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Art and world or heaven has being synonymised. Without art(creations)there might have no world or heaven as a human expriences. We need to embrace the heaven or world as we exprience it as an image of creation in human imagination in our composition or expression. Very arts(creations) is a sign or symbol like an idea,a point,a word beings and ends of world or heaven. World in many creations-beauty and horror as well as heaven in blooming-paradise and hell are interdependent. Both cannot be separated as a art,a work,a point,a sign or a word-Nature,God.